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"The Grand Valley Area Chamber of Commerce mission is to partner with its investors to promote, support, and expand the local business community."


The purpose of the Chamber of Commerce is:

To advance the commercial, industrial, professional, civic, and general interests of the Grand Valley Trade Area; to Promote the Grand Valley area as a good place to LIVE, WORK, and SHOP; to secure the active aid and cooperation of citizens, merchants, manufacturers, professionals, property owners, employers, and employees in advancing the best interests of the business community.


The chamber formed in the late 1940's as business owners recognized the need to work together supporting localized business. On December 18, 1950 the chamber officially incorporated as the Orwell Chamber of Commerce and registered with the State of Ohio. On November 1, 1965 the name was changed to Grand Valley Chamber of Commerce. March 5, 2015 was the most recent name change and we became the Grand Valley Area Chamber of Commerce. Even though our name has changed several times the vision of the founding members never has. We continue to support our local business growth through a variety of business programs.

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